Community Events for Women

“Uplifting, inspiring, and funny - yet totally relevant to our challenges today!”

“Jean Gatz is a MUST HAVE speaker! Her humor creates the perfect blend of inspiration and entertainment. She truly knows the woman’s heart – and she will connect with every woman in your audience!”
Spirit of Women – Girls Night Out

If you’re ready to create a powerful, memorable, life-enriching event for the women of your community, Jean Gatz is the perfect speaker for you. Why? Because with over 20 years’ experience speaking to thousands of women, Jean knows they want fresh insights to help meet their challenges with wisdom, courage and confidence. And they want a speaker who “gets who they are.”  Virtually or face-to-face, that’s exactly what Jean delivers for them – and for you.

Your audience will delight in Jean’s stories from her experiences as a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister and friend.  She connects with women of every age and every stage of life. With her unique blend of wit and wisdom, comedy and common sense, Jean will leave them renewed and refreshed in mind, body, spirit and heart. She guarantees to deliver an experience they will never forget!

To add even more value when you bring Jean to your women’s event, she can also present a workshop or an in-service for your support staff while she’s there! Her programs qualify for CEUs – and they’re always filled to “standing room only.”


“Hearing you speak at a women’s  conference last year left me with a fresh perspective and a stomach that ached from laughter, so I knew you would be the perfect keynote presenter at our recent Caring for a Woman’s Heart Conference. This is the 12th year that we hosted our community event and the overwhelming feedback was that YOU WERE THE BEST we’ve ever had!”
Spirit of Women Coordinator
Valley Health, Winchester Medical Center, Virginia

Jean’s most popular programs include:

Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This

Does your day begin with great promise …until you actually begin it… and then it’s downhill from there? People pull you in many directions at once – often to places you have absolutely no desire to go! Someone at work or at home is getting on your last nerve. You try to appear “totally together” while you’re falling apart. You can’t remember the last time you had a chance to relax, laugh, and catch your breath. If any of this sounds familiar, this program is definitely for you! In this fun-filled session based on Jean’s book by the same title, you’ll laugh while you learn how to handle life’s challenges with wisdom and humor, energy and insight, courage and common sense.


“If anyone is looking for a speaker whose message can engage and resonate with women of all ages and backgrounds, you are the one for them. And to top it all off, you are an absolute joy to work with! Count me in as a very delighted client!”
Women’s Hospital Community Outreach Center

I Already Took a Pain Pill, So Why Are You Still Here?

Have you ever been tempted to ask that question of a difficult person in your life – at work or at home? Jean blends humor with practical strategies to deal with difficult people and reduce conflict in your life. She will reveal the tactics difficult people use to manipulate the rest of us to get what they want. Then she will share five strategies for dealing with them – including her “Secret Southern Strategy” – for which she has become famous! (It’s not illegal, and you won’t get in trouble for using it!) Have fun while you learn how to deal with difficult people – without becoming one.


“The women at our luncheon absolutely loved you and want you back!”
Go RED for Women

Taking Care of YOU!

When you’re so involved in meeting the needs and demands of others at work and/or at home, you often put yourself at the bottom of your priority list. You’re feeling anxious, stressed or exhausted! While you’re busy taking care of others, who’s taking care of YOU? Jean blends inspiration, encouragement and humor with practical ideas to help you find balance, communicate clearly to get your needs met, resolve conflict, reduce your stress, keep your sense of humor and discover simple ways to add joy to your everyday life. Whatever is going on in your life at the moment, this session has something for everyone!


“You were so engaging, authentic and relatable. It was obvious that you’d put a lot of thought and research into your session. Your energy and indominable spirit inspire me.”
Attendee, Alzheimer’s Services
Special Session for Caregivers

Clean Out “the Junk Drawer” of Your Life

Most of us can admit to having at least one junk drawer somewhere – at work or at home – crowded with things we don’t need but can’t bear to throw away. Our minds contain a “junk drawer” too – filled with self-defeating attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that make us doubt our talents and abilities and keep us from reaching our personal and professional best. In this lively and fun-filled session Jean weaves her magic of humor and stories to help you get rid of “junk drawer thinking” and redirect your energy to concentrate on the people and things that matter most.

“I went to your keynote tired and worn out, and left with a bounce in my step and a smile in my heart.”
“Spirit of Women” audience member

Refueling Your Spirit When You’re Running on Empty

This is the perfect program for your next women’s retreat or morning/evening of reflection. Using original stories and real-life examples, Jean gives women a chance to relax and catch their breath in the safe and caring environment she creates with her incredible message.

Her generous doses of humor give women the chance to laugh with her, but also to laugh at themselves while they get a handle on their busy lives. Her “7 Point Plan for a Fulfilling Life” provides inspiration and encouragement for women of all ages – from 21 to 101.

“You can always gauge the ‘enjoyability’ of a speaker by the number of times you check your watch. When Jean Gatz is speaking, you don’t even realize you’re wearing a watch!”

Have Yourself a Stress-Free Little Christmas

“The holidays” evoke feelings of excitement, anticipation and joy… plus added stress, not enough time and not enough money. You’ll laugh until your sides hurt as Jean shares her hilarious holiday stories and ideas to approach the holiday season with a new sense of priorities. Based on personal stories to which every woman can relate, Jean offers a variety of “gifts” you can give yourself – during the holidays and throughout the year – that can change your outlook on life. And they don’t cost a dime!

“You were more than a delight at our Women’s Health Foundation event. You were fabulous! And you were flexible and easy to work with – a real lifesaver.”
Slidell Hospital Women’s Resource Center


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