Working With Jean

“Uplifting, inspiring, and funny - yet totally relevant to our challenges today!”

“Jean Gatz is a meeting planner’s dream. She can speak to ANY audience – managers, support staff, spouses and volunteers. If you’re looking for the perfect speaker, you can’t do better than Jean.”
Tom McWilliams, CMP, SVP
Mississippi Credit Union System

At Your Service!

Whether you’re a seasoned pro who organizes events every day or you’re part of a volunteer committee and this task has been added to your ever-expanding “to-do list,” you’re going to like how easy it is to work with me! That’s because I firmly believe that my job is to make your job easier!

The first thing you’ll notice here is that there’s no lengthy pre-program questionnaire to fill out. I don’t expect you to spend your valuable time answering a multitude of questions with details about every event you’ve ever planned and every speaker you’ve ever had. That doesn’t matter to me. What matters is how we can work together to bring The WOW factor to your event!

First, I’ll get your feedback about the outcome you want from my session. We’ll talk about your organization’s challenges and what’s really going on with the people in the seats at your event. Then I’ll design a program that connects with their everyday challenges. And I’ll give them the skills they need to meet those challenges with confidence and competence.

You’ve probably also noticed that there’s no detailed bio, introduction or photos you need to download to promote our session. I’ll send that directly to you whenever you’re ready. Just let me know. I can also provide some content rich articles to help generate excitement and interest.


“After hearing you at another event, I knew you would be what this group needed to be inspired and challenged. I got a lot of feedback – all very, very positive. What impressed me most was your ability to connect on many levels. Your humor was the perfect touch. I wanted this to be a first class training event, with meaningful topics, tips and tools to increase productivity and build teamwork. And you delivered!”
Internal Revenue Service



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