Do Whatever You Can with the Space You Have (5/6/22)

Searching for my usual blend of encouragement and practical ideas for this week’s blog, I found it on a recent visit to Colonial Williamsburg. It didn’t come from our wise Founding Forefathers but from a speaker at a three-day Garden Symposium Les and I attended. We heard from landscape architects, authors, horticulturists and farmers and toured many breathtaking on-site gardens. Several presenters spoke on what they’ve accomplished on their vast 100-acre farms. But Matthew Benson kept everyone’s attention riveted with his photographs and his words as he explained what he has accomplished … on three acres. In addition to growing food and flowers, he’s also an author and professional photographer. When you visit his site,, you’ll experience stunning photographs of what he’s accomplishing daily. This one statement from Matthew got my attention:


“Do whatever you can with the space you have.”


In that “AHA moment” I had the concept for this week’s blog! I immediately connected his message with how we must do whatever we can to take care of ourselves to balance “the space” we inhabit on this earth. As I’ve written about earlier, no matter what’s going on outside of you, creating balance comes from the attitudes and beliefs inside of you. How are you making sure that your “space” is balanced in the following areas?


Physical: What type of exercise do you get on a regular basis? Do you get enough sleep? East healthy meals? Take your vitamins and meds? Get annual checkups? Know “your numbers”? (Blood pressure, cholesterol and anything else important if you have underlying conditions).


Spiritual: Whatever that word means to you, are you taking time and making room for some sort of spiritual connection in your life?


Intellectual: What are you doing to keep your brain sharp and healthy?


Financial: What needs to happen to ensure you can take care of yourself and meet your financial needs and obligations now, and well into the future, so you can feel safe and secure?


Professional: Do you enjoy your work, whether it’s paid employment or volunteering? Are you proud of what you contribute?


Personal: Are you in healthy relationships where you feel safe and respected?


Emotional: What are you doing for your mental health and sense of peace and well-being? Do you have enough FUN in your life?


Our “space” on this earth is a Gift which includes the strengths, talents and abilities that make us unique – that make us who we are. How are you using those Gifts to take care of yourself? Matthew talked about his commitment to utilize every inch of his three acres – the space he has – to sow seeds for a brighter future. What are you doing with “the space” YOU have?


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