Making Your List … and Checking it Twice (6/24/22)

As of June 1, we in the South are asking: “How can it be Hurricane Season already?” Of course hurricanes are now traveling to states they’ve never been before. Depending on where you live, you may worry about tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, floods and mud slides. The list of possible catastrophes is long. Some people are spared. Others lose everything.

Because Taking Care of YOU means finding ways to reduce your stress, anxiety and worry, I want to share an idea. It’s not inspirational or entertaining, but it’s solid advice. After a close call with a hurricane a few years ago, I realized that if we ever had to replace anything (or everything) we would have to rely on memory. Not a good plan! So I took photos and video of everything inside and outside our home. Some things are irreplaceable, but it’s a huge relief to know we have a documented record, safely tucked away in our bank box, in case we ever need proof for our insurance company. Maybe this sounds like a good idea… and a lot of work. You’re right on both counts! Is it worth the time and effort it will take? Here’s an easy way to decide.

Grab a pen and paper, leave your home/condo/apartment and go someplace (with AC!) where you can think and write, undisturbed. Picture your dwelling, room by room. Make a list of every piece of furniture, all your appliances, and everything of value you can recall. You may have a lot more to record – jewelry, artwork, etc. You get the idea. When you think you’ve got it all on paper, go back home. Look around. Room by room. What did you miss?

I guarantee you didn’t remember it all. No one’s memory is that good! It doesn’t matter how much or how little you own. What happens if you lose it? Set a deadline to get this project completed… and stick to it. After seeing your list you may decide to increase the coverage of your homeowner’s policy or get renter’s insurance for contents. Yes, it IS a time-consuming project. But the peace of mind it brings you will more than make up for your efforts. And peace of mind is a BIG part of Taking Care of YOU!

I’ll be posting my blog every two weeks over the summer. So stay tuned … and stay cool!


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