Powerful or Powerless – It’s Your CHOICE!

Jean Gatz Standout Strategiesby Motivational Keynote Speaker Jean Gatz

Experienced any changes in your workplace lately?  (In the last year … or the last hour?) No matter where you work or what you do, it’s obvious that “business as usual” is no longer enough. If you want to be taken seriously, be seen as a strategic partner, earn the respect of your co-workers and management, and STAND OUT from the Crowd, you must be able to handle change.

Easier said than done? Not really.  You see, CHANGE is not the problem. It’s been around forever. The real problem occurs when we’re unwilling to accept change and integrate it into our lives because we feel afraid, uncomfortable, overwhelmed, inadequate or indifferent.

Does this sound familiar? “Why can’t things stay the same? I don’t mean to be negative or resist new ideas. But just the thought of having to adjust to more change upsets and worries me.”

That’s a natural reaction when you’re staring CHANGE in the face. Today’s organizations need people who willingly choose to keep their skills current, stay open to new ideas, and lead the way for others. But most people don’t want to admit that their ability to integrate new ideas, technology and business strategies might require talents they don’t have, resources they haven’t tapped into, or skills they haven’t yet mastered. The honest truth is this: Resisting change will not keep it from taking hold. It simply makes the process longer and more painful.

When it comes to your success, there are two ways to look at change… and at your life in general. You can choose to feel powerless… or powerful. You can choose to whine and complain or take positive action steps. Your choices are important to your future because no one can motivate, teach, coach or train you to maintain an attitude that will positively impact your co-workers, customers and the bottom line. Your attitude is totally “an inside job.”

To STAND OUT from the Crowd in a positive way, you must do more than “endure” change.  You can choose your approach, outlook and attitude. And that applies to change in your personal life as well. Maybe you’re thinking, “But my attitude is my business. As long as I’m doing my job, what does it matter what I’m thinking inside?”

It matters much more than you realize – because your attitude is obvious to every person who interacts with you. It’s a visible indicator of your thoughts, ideas, perceptions and opinions about CHANGE…and about everything else happening in your workplace or your personal life.

Your attitude is reflected in your conversations, tone of voice, facial expressions and actions. It affects how others perceive you, evaluate you, cooperate with you, work with you, relate to you and communicate with you.  Think about it this way. Your attitude influences your Thoughts > your Behaviors > your Performance… and ultimately the RESULTS you deliver. In other words, your attitude about Change …. can change EVERYTHING. Make sure you choose well.


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