Take Charge!

Jean Gatz Standout Strategies

by Motivational Keynote Speaker Jean Gatz

What’s the “one thing” you’ve done since reading this blog last week to re-think your choices and make this a STAND OUT year? Have you looked at a major change in your job or your life and made the choice to feel powerful instead of powerless? Not as easy as it sounds, is it? Here’s another way to tell if your perspective is moving you forward or holding you back.

If you choose to negatively REACT to change, you’ve made the choice to resist, play it safe and close yourself off. You try to convince yourself that all this change is just a phase and that life as you know it will soon get back to the way it used to be. You spend your time blaming and complaining instead of finding solutions.

There’s no doubt about it…complaining once in a while feels good! The problem is that when you waste emotional energy blaming, complaining and hanging onto old beliefs and behaviors, there’s no energy left to tackle the challenges you’re facing.  Your negative emotions lead to negative attitudes and behaviors that have a negative impact on your customers and co-workers. Being in “react mode” also impacts your decision making ability and your future success.

There’s a much better alternative. Instead of reacting, choose to ACT in positive ways to handle change. Decide that you are going to meet this challenge head-on. Stay open to new ideas. Learn from every person you meet and every experience you have. Use your time wisely to broaden your knowledge base, develop new competencies and sharpen your skills. Find new ways to service your customers. Instead of giving up, make the choice to take charge.


  • No more excuses
  • Being accountable for the consequences of your actions
  • Taking responsibility for your happiness and well-being
  • Letting go of what’s not working and choosing to move forward
  • Solving problems instead of worrying
  • Finding your power in the midst of chaos.

Wow! That’s a lot of responsibility! But what’s the alternative? Letting someone else or something else decide what your future should look like? Letting others make decisions that could impact your financial security and the security of your family? That doesn’t make sense, does it?

Remember, there is seldom a circumstance in which you are completely powerless … unless you choose not to take action. When you choose to ACT – to TAKE CHARGE – you are making the choice to control your own destiny. And that’s the smartest choice you will ever make.

Make it a STAND OUT week!


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